Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oh god I hope I'm not making excuses

My tummy is getting back to normal I think.  I finally ate last night so that is good.  I will start back up on the bike tomorrow morning. 

So I need some feedback.  Since I am starting back up again, should I just go full throttle and exercise everyday like I did before, or should I do every other day. I think I started off in the beginning doing something everyday, but I had to build up to full throttle.  I am out of shape but not quite like I was when I very first started losing all the weight.  I seem to be ok with full throttle, and I think I should just go full throttle.  I guess its all up to me, but some feedback would still be cool.

I feel so much more alive when I work out in the morning though.  Thats why I just want to go at it.  I am in a better mood all day long.  I still don't fall asleep as well as I would like too, but maybe with time....

Well, have a good day!

1 comment:

  1. I think to make it a habit you need to do something every day - but rotate between intense and easy going workouts...