Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some Thoughts On Our Society

There is always some article or another picking on celeb's weight.  They are usually either being called anorexic or overweight when the celeb is neither.  The most recent one is Leanne Rimes and the media saying she is anorexic or bulimic.  I have seen pictures of her and in my honest opinion, she looks just fine. The media is also always picking on that Kardashian sister, Khloe, saying how she is overweight.  We all have seen pictures of her as well, some even in bikini's, and in my honest opinion, she looks just fine.   I don't know what size Ms. Rimes is, but Khloe has said that she is kind of big since she is a size 6.  I think they both look healthy. 

There are so many young girls running around out there ashamed of how they look.  For some of them, it is because they are 'too' skinny and for others it is because they are 'too' big.  And no matter who they are what they look like, there will always be critics.  It happens to boys too I guess because my 10 year old was called fat the other day.  He came home crying about it even, asking me how I lost all the weight because he didn't want to be fat.  This is the same child that says he doesn't eat much because he doesn't want to be fat like the rest of us.  He is nothing but knees and elbows.  I told him he didn't need to lose weight and that the kid that made fun of him was just being mean.  I told him he was the perfect size and not to worry about that other kid too much.  What is crazy is that this wasn't the first time he was called fat and he is probably the skinniest kid in his whole grade.  Even at this young age, children have figured out that being fat is not a good thing and that it is very mean to call someone fat. 

We as a society has put this pressure on ourselves about being thin and none of the pressure is for the right reasons.  It is all about vanity.  Now if that is what motivates you to get in shape and lose weight, then more power too you.  I just think that it would be great if the pressure came from more of a healthy point of view then a beautiful point of view.  I know that with the rise of diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues, that people are starting to put more of an emphasis on being healthy but we are still always being bombarded with the ideal that beautiful is the best reason.  I will admit that when I started to lose weight, it was mostly about how I looked.  Since I have dropped quite a few pounds though and I can feel the difference, my mindset is switching more to "I feel good and now I want to feel great."

I breathe better.  I sleep better.  I can move better.  I can keep up with the kids better.  I hurt less, a lot less. I feel more confident.  I just feel better, period.

Well, sorry of rambling, but these tabloids just really bother me when it comes to this issue.  Thank you for reading and get out there and move!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Perception & A Photo Update

I thought I would share this for everyone.  It is pretty funny I thought!

I finally did some pics today.  I have come a long way.  I had to do a different shirt though because I just swim in my Super shirt and you can't see how far I have come.  And the black shorts were so old, that they started to fall apart so I had to throw them away.

I got on the scale this morning and I am 221 pounds.  My BMI is 34.61.  I started out at 280 pounds (not when I started blogging but started losing weight) and a BMI of 43.85.  It has been a year now since I started this journey and I am totally proud of myself.  I haven't lost as much as I had wanted this last year but 60 pounds is still totally awesome.  Hopefully, I will lose another 60 over the next year. 

If anyone is reading this, thank you for still being here!