Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weighing in Lately

So I know that I am not a good blogger but I have become fairly good at losing weight.  My last post I weighed 248 and my plan was to get back on track but it didn't happen right away.  I had gone back up to 254 there for awhile.  I got on the scale today and now I weigh 226.  Yeah thats right, 226!!!  How totally AWESOME is that?  Of course I love my new body more and more with all the changes, as long as my clothes are  I am so not digging my new birthday suit.  Everything is saggy.  I wondering if it will always be that way and only get worse with the more weight I lose.  My boobs have shrunk too...ugh.  Maybe I should start saving money so that one day I can get a whole body tuck and  It really sucks though that I have done this to my body all these years and now that I am working on it and getting thinner, it is really apparent that I have been totally trashing my body. 
Nowadays, the hubby is a little bit more on-board with being healthier.  Of course, he isn't totally into ALL of the changes, but at least he isn't giving me grief anymore about losing weight.  When I got my new job, we thought that I would be only working a few days a week and at first that is how it was.  The hubs talked to his boss and told him that he was going to have to quit or they would have to work around my schedule.  His boss didn't want him to quit, so they decided to work around my schedule.  I didn't realize that they were in a big rush to hire me when they hired me because one of the girls was pregnant.  She had her baby last month and since then I have been working 40 plus hours a week and the hubby hasn't been working much at all.  He has gained about 15 pounds and isn't too happy about it so he has started trying to eat better and has actually been cleaning around the house..yeah, I was totally shocked myself.  I think he is liking the confidence that I now have.

So that is what is going on with me.  I hope everyone gets out there and starts moving.  I have!!