Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Think I Am Back On The Wagon Again!

Ok, so I didn't totally fall off the wagon, I was just very loosely hanging onto the wagon, while being dragged behind it.  I wasn't even trying to run with the wagon, but just dangling from the back of it.  Now I feel I am back on the wagon.  I'm not necessarily all settled in and comfortable in said wagon, but I am on it, trying to find my footing.

We got a recumbent bike and I have been using that for about a week and a half now.  I have also found a strength training routine that I am following which includes a different group of muscles every day.  You can find it here if wish: Reach Your Ideal Weight in 4 Weeks.  Of course I am not fooled by the title and find it quite laughable really.  I don't have all the equipment involved for all of the exercises so I try to improvise (like a sturdy coffee works as a flat bench press).  I remember reading the title for the first time and thought to myself "I bet they don't mean that for people my"  I do think it is a good place to start though.

I am now employed by the United States Post Office which is pretty exciting.  I did a shadow day yesterday and next week I officially start the training.  I am a part-time Rural Carrier and will be filling in as needed.  I did a lot of work yesterday while I was shadowing and I was kind of regretting that the day before was my arm muscle day for strength training because I was sure getting sore.  It was AWESOME though.  I did get up and ride the bike and do my leg exercises before I went to work though.  I was so tired and sore last night and my whole body aches like crazy today, but it feels good to know that I am being active again.  This job will be totally different then when I was a CNA when it comes to food.  When you work in a hospital, someone is always bringing in something yummy like donuts or chocolates or cookies, and it is so hard to resist because it is always sitting there right under your nose.  With this job, even if there is food sitting around, I won't have time to eat it.  Also, I am only in the post office for a short amount of time and the rest of the day is spent out delivering mail so I will only have access to the food that I bring with me.  So, I plan on only bringing healthy, low calorie foods and lots of water.With that said, does anyone have any ideas?  I won't have a microwave to heat anything up and I also won't have a fridge to keep things cool.  All I will have is a lunch box.

I currently weigh 248 pounds.  See, I didn't totally fall off the wagon.  Since I am basically starting out again, I am going to make a very small goal for my weight loss for the next week.  I want to lose 2 pounds.  I know how it is when I first start out, and nothing happens for a few weeks at the beginning then it starts to come off.

I don't know how many seen the little thing about Khloe Kardashian the other day, but apparently everyone is on her case about being fat.  She says she is a size 6, yeah a 6 and she is being called fat.  I think that is absolutely insane.  I would be quite happy at a size 6, hell at this point I will be over the moon when I reach a size 12.  I think it is quite sad that a size 6 woman is called fat.  I think this woman in particular is kind of a brat, but I have never considered anyone of that size as a fat person.  It is no wonder so many people have these unhealthy relationships with food when we are told that a size 6 is fat.