Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weighing in this week and I need everyone to send me some good mojo

I was going through another one of those narcoleptic type phases were I was falling asleep all the time.  After discussing it with my sister, we figured it was because I wasn't doing that much.  The weather has been unusually warm so I have been able to go out and get on the old Gazelle and go for a few walks, and amazingly, the first day I really moved, no bouts of extreme sleepiness.  I find it completely amazing that the body responds SO quickly to these changes.  Really amazing!!!

So I got on the scale yesterday morning and I was 244.  That is another 2 pounds down, so that is always exciting.  I have to say that I am really proud of myself for actually doing this.  It is an amazing feeling every time I get on the scale and see that I lose.  I think at this point, if I stepped on the scale and hadn't lost anything but still hadn't gained anything, I would still have that feeling of achievement since I had let my weight get so out of control for so long.  However, there are a few undesirable physical changes that I have to admit I find kind of gross.  34 pounds ago, I didn't feel so loose and flabby but had a more plump feeling.  Now, I have very loose skin that hangs and sags everywhere making me think that when I reach my goal, I will have to have a whole Spanx type wardrobe to contain the flabulosity of my new body.  I keep trying to push those thoughts out of my head because I am afraid those kinds of thoughts might cause me to self sabotage but they still creep in every now and then.  Maybe I can just wish for some type of TLC reality show and someone will 'donate' a body lift for Yeah, I know, keep wishing, right?

Onto the good mojo!  I am applying for this awesome job with great pay and hours and benefits (eventually), and I want everyone to send me all their good wishes, prayers, good mojo, or whatever your belief system allows.  I will take all well wishes.  I have to take a test on Saturday morning which my grade on that can end up being the make me or break me event in this hiring process. Since I do live in Nevada where the unemployment is one of the highest in the nation, for every good job posted, there are literally thousands that apply to that one job.  Oh heck, any time there is a job posting of any kind, that happens.  There is some pretty stiff competition for jobs here so I need all the help I can get.  If I get this job, the money that I make alone from it will double our yearly income.  That is how great it is.  Another cool thing, it requires lots of moving and if you have read my blog for some time, you know how big I am on just being able to move and how good it is for the body.  So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me all the love you can and hopefully I will get this job.  Of course I will keep everyone posted through the process. 

So I have not been able to get the Kinect game that I wanted due to lack of fundage.  They have ran out of work at my husbands job and he is again collecting unemployment for the next month or so.  I hate this time of year.  See, I need that job because then this would never again.  We all have been playing the adventure game more though.  The kids get a kick out of the pics it takes of me because it always seems to get a pic when I am jumping and my boobs are flying up around neck.  The kids starting laughing so hard, little 

Lots to do today, I will I check back later.  I hope everyone has a great day and gets to do that little extra moving around!!


  1. good luck on the job!

    I'm job hunting too (for the end of May) so maybe what goes around will come around for both of us ;)

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  3. Good luck for the job hunting