Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Weigh In

I got on the scale this morning as I always do on Monday mornings and I lost another 2 pounds.  HECK YEAH!!!  I feel SO good that I am actually do this.  I am now down to 262. Only 127 more to go!

So since it is November 1, the beginning of a new month, I am going to make a new monthly goal.  I want to be down to 252 by the end of the month.  I had made 250 my goal weight for the end of October and I now know that dropping that many pounds in a month might be a bit far fetched, so I am only aiming for 10 pounds for the month of November, especially with the holidays coming and all.  I do have a plan for Thanksgiving though.  I am going to eat one plate of food and not eat until feel so stuffed that it is painful.  I am going to my grandparents and we all do a potluck of sorts.  There is always turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, veggies, fruit salad, rolls, pies, and more.  I decided that I am not making the yams this year.  I don't eat them anyways so I am going to brings a raspberry-cranberry spinach salad.  I always bring the pumpkin pie and I will still bring that.  I am also going to bring a pumpkin bundt cake.  I plan on having a lot of the salad, some turkey and ham, and whatever other veggies are there(depending on how they are prepared really, but that is why I am bringing the salad, so I know that I will have something healthy to eat).  I am not going to try to count my calories that day but to try to listen to my body.  Just because it is holiday, it doesn't mean I have to gorge myself and spend the day as stuffed as the turkey.  Of course, with the calories, I automatically start calculating them in my head these days so I say I am not going to worry about them, but I will be. 

The only thing I have at my advantage for the holiday season is that I no longer work.  When I worked at the hospital, there was always goodies all the time during the holidays just begging to be shoved in someone's big ol' piehole. I always thought that the irony of the goodies was that a lot of them came from the various doctor's offices and doctors should be promoting good health.  They should send fruit and veggie trays minus the fattening dressings and dips.  Maybe even some Subway or something other then cookies, cakes, and candies.  Then there was the patient families and coworkers, always someone bringing in the "bad" stuff.  I have a lot more control over my environment now though that I am not working.

Speaking of goodies, is it bad that I want the kids to hurry up and eat all their Halloween candy so that it isn't sitting here beckoning me to eat it? 


  1. Hooray! It's going the right direction! Sounds like you've got a handle on things for November! Keep up the good work :-)

  2. woohoo on the loss! props to you!

    good plan for thanksgiving. sounds like it will work! and that salad sounds really delicious. be sure to take pix.

    Vee at

  3. Congrats on your new "low!" That is excellent!

    I like your T-Day plans. I am going to add in an extra 500 calories for that day, and Christmas, too. For me, a plan of calories works well.

    No, it is not wrong to wish that candy gone. It would be tooooo tempting to me.

  4. Woohoo! Congrats on the loss!

    Good plan for Thanksgiving. I hadn't given it too much thought yet. But I do have several family weekends this month away where I could easily be thrown off. Must be careful. Traveling = fast food. Oy.

    I have a three year old with a bunch of candy. I don't want either of us to eat it! My husband is a high school teacher. It just dawned on me that I should send it to school with him!