Monday, October 18, 2010

Weigh in This Morning and Award

I got on the scale this morning and it said 268!  I lost 2 pounds this week.  I am excited about this.  I know it is only 1 pound more then what I lost last week, but I would like to lose 2 pounds a week instead of only one.  It makes me feel like I am actually doing something.  Yay Me!!!!
I received another award.  Thank you Kaye at I Want My Health Back!!

As a condition of the award I am suppose to list 7 things about myself and pass the award on to 15 blogs.  I will pass it on but I am sure some of you have already received it, but have fun with it.

1).  We live with my mom because it makes it easier financially and it makes it easier with her health issues as well.
2).  I have 2 tattoos.  One is a big blue, green, and yellow butterfly with a tribal design behind it and the other is a phoenix.
3).  My family calls me Keena because that is how my little brother said Christina when he was a baby.
4).  I love to bake.
5).  I love watching old black & white movies.
6).  Politics confuse me. I don't know the difference between right and left or liberal and conservative.  I believe it would all be easier if they would all just be 100% honest and not put a "spin" on everything they say.
7).  I worked as a telemarketer for a few months when I was younger.

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Thanks everyone for being so supportive!!


  1. what do you mean "only" one pound more? You have DOUBLED your weight loss this week! If you can do that every week, you'll reach your goal in NO TIME! :-D

  2. Good for you Christina! Just keep heading in the right direction and you'll reach your goal in now time!

  3. You just had a great week!! Congratulations

  4. WTG. 2 pounds is a great loss, but so is .2 because you lost weight and didn't gain it. It took me a long time to learn that a loss of any size is joy.

  5. Congrats on the 2 pound weight loss! I keep going up and down 2-3 pounds and it's frustrating.

    Congrats too on your award and thanks for passing it on to me!

  6. Christina, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for the award and I'll be sure to post about it in the next day or two.
    And keep up the good work!

  7. ooooh and now you know we need pics of the tattoos :)


  8. Keep up the great work, Christina.

  9. Great job on the pounds lost! Every little step adds up to a great big leap! Keep up the good work!

  10. wow awesome job! Ty for the award :)

  11. I'm with you!!! 2lbs a week doesn't sound like much but feels so much different from loosing just 1lb per week!! You go girl! =)


  12. Thank you :) I wrote my 7 things... which was hard to do actually!

  13. Thanks for the award. Love the fun tidbits about you. I was called "Miky" when I was younger and my family (siblings still do). SO, those names stick!! Weigh to go on pounds off!