Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday ramblngs on a sugar high

My breakfast today was french toast, turkey bacon, and a cinnamon roll.  I only had 2 pieces of french toast with just a drizzle of strawberry syrup and the cinnamon was a small one that I baked, but still it was a lot of bad calories.  Of course, I keep telling myself it is still way better then what I would have ate last month if I would have fixed the same breakfast.  I would have had 4 pieces of the french toast and a cup of syrup and real bacon and probably 2 cinnamon rolls.  Geez, when you put it all in words, that is a whole lot of food.  One thing I find totally cool though, is I ate half of what I am use to, and I feel full.  I shouldn't have ate the roll, but it just smelt so good, I had a hard time resisting.  Luckily though, I ate late enough in the day, that I can just make dinner early and then have a snack before bed and hopefully fall within range.  I guess I am making up for the calories I didn't eat yesterday because at the end of the day I sat at about 1400 calories for the day.  I have been sick with a head cold and not feeling so well and I feel a little better today, maybe that is why I felt the need to stuff my piehole full of all of that food.  I should also double my walk today.

We had to go to the store this morning before I could cook my breakfast and I am checking labels and reading all the info on the items we buy.  I have been reading the same thing on my box of cheerios every morning.  All the healthier choices like Cheerios say things like "Studies show that people who have diets high in whole grains, usually have a healthier weight" or something along those lines.  They say the same thing about the fruits and veggies and many other things.  Basically, they say "eat this and you too will look like a super model."  Of course they leave out the part that says that most people eat those kinds of things because they are making good decisions involving ALL of their food, not just their morning cereal or sandwich bread.  I just don't like how things are marketed.  For one thing, they assume that every person is a complete idiot and make statements that sound absolute.  And another thing, the statements they make are like half truths.  Yeah, sure having the whole grains is healthier for you, but if you eat a whole loaf of the stuff for lunch, you probably haven't done yourself any favors.  They all sound like what they have to sell is the secret to losing weight and being healthy, when it really is only a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.  I guess in all fairness though, they are in the business of making money, not making sure I eat right.  That is my job, and thankfully I am smart enough to read between the lines.

I was wondering a few things about blogging.  How do you get back with everyone everyday or do you?  I really want to, everyone has such wonderful advice and great stories, but I find that it is somewhat counter-productive in my goals that including me moving more.  I have been thinking that I only give myself a certain amount of time each day or something. I mean I could sit here all day on the computer, but I think I would no longer be as big as a house if I did that because then I think I would earn small country status or something.  I am just curious as to how everyone else does this. 

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day today and you are able to reach your daily goals!!  I have a very long walk to do!!!


  1. I use google reader! Shows you what blogs you haven't read.

  2. I blog during the week and comment asap on each entry (usually at bedtime). On the weekend, I try to catch up on my blog reading and take a day off from writing.

    In an ideal world, I would write a bunch on the weekend and then schedule my posts to publish. But that never happens. Sigh.

  3. I just started but I hope to blog daily to keep myself on track. I try to read all the posts for the day at night and comment on as many as possible. I'm not following too many blogs right now but I know that number will eventually grow. How I'll handle it then....I'm not sure.....