Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Sister

I came from a "blended family."  My mother left my father when I was 2.  She met this great man and married him.  He too had been married before and brought to the table a daughter as well.  Jennifer is her name.  She lived with her mother and came to our house every other weekend and every other holiday.  I remember when I was little, kind of didn't like her.  I was there all the time.  My mom is this brass biker chick who says what she feels.  She is loud and opinionated.  The man she married, adopted me, so I call him dad.  Dad was also a biker, but for the most part, a pretty laid back kind of guy unless he was working on him Harley.  When he was in the garage, you had to watch out for flying tools and usually heard enough cuss words to make your ears just about bleed. 
Anyways, Jennifer would come over on the weekends.  She had better manners then I did.  She had better clothes then I did.  And she got all of dad's attention on the weekends that she was with us.  She was always telling me to say "thank you" and please."  She would get mad because I would want to wear her nice clothes and since I was kind of a tomboy, I would ultimately get them dirty and stained.  And I felt like I didn't exist on the weekends.  Of course, as an adult I can look back and I understand the situation better and feel kind of bad for being a little snot, but as a kid, well I just didn't like it that much.  She did teach me how to dress better though and she introduced me to Poison's "Look What the Cat Dragged in," which was for the most part my gateway to loving rock 'n' roll.
As we grew older, we grew closer.  She loved fashion magazines and knew all the models.  If it wasn't for her, I might not know that you aren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day or who Tyra Banks is. We were both a little bigger when we were teens.  We were both on the bigger side of healthy, but knew that it wouldn't hurt to lose weight and we would try to lose together, but hardly ever did. 
We were pregnant together with our first children. She was due in March and I was due in January.  We ate together all the time.  I remember that Halloween that movie "The Blair Witch Project" was coming out and they made a big stink about it.  My ex husband and I bought the movie and decided to have a little Halloween movie party and invited the family over to watch.  At this point my mom and dad had a little boy and had been divorced, and my dad had remarried (sorry I did a falshforward without all the details).  So, my dad, stepmom, little brother, 2 little step sisters, and Jennifer and her husband all came over and we ordered pizza.  If anyone remembers, that was pretty close to the worst movie ever so Jennifer and I just sat by the pizza and pigged out.  Out littlest little sister had said she was still hungry and the parents told her to go get more pizza, and her reply was "But the pregnant women might eat my arm off."  It was funny.  So needless to say, we both gained too much weight with our pregnancies.

Well, we had a babies and life was busy.  We were still close. We both could have stood to lose weight.  After awhile, a set of twins and a divorce, my sister lost a ton of weight.  I hadn't seen her in a few years and went home for awhile.  I went to her house, knocked on her door, and some skinny chic answered the door.  She looked kind of like my sister but I couldn't believe my own eyes.  I will be honest and I was in shock.  My first thought was that she was too skinny and I was kind of worried.  But I sat there and visited with her that evening and realized that she wasn't too skinny, she was finally healthy and I just wasn't use to it.  I then became proud of her.  Me thinking she was too skinny is something a "fat" person would say.  I realize that now.  Now of course, there are those people that have eating disorders and those people ARE too skinny but my sister didn't even look close to being in danger of looking like one of those women.  She lost weight the good ol' fashioned way with hard work and eating right.
I am so proud of her though.  She is currently 10 pounds away from were she wants to be and hasn't been living as healthy as she wants to.  Her and I talk almost everyday and have been giving each other the encouragement we both need to hear.  She is an inspiration to me and really has been for my whole life.  I truly believe that having her in my life has made a better person.  Right now she is my biggest cheerleader and I love her for that.  She is one of the best people I know!! 


  1. Always good to have a cheerleader!! And i definitely understand having a blended family :)

  2. what a great story I am so glad you have that close cheerleader..

  3. Oh my gosh Christina!! Must you make me cry on a daily basis? I don't think I could get through my life without you... seriously you must be one of about 4 people who actually love just me. Its weird cause I was just thinking about how you are my cheerlaeder and how you make me a more well rounded person. Lol! "Something a fat person would say" I guess I keep saying that because I've been a fat person and said all those things. I love you and am so proud of how brave you are.

  4. I have a sister like that too, but we're not actually related. We do like to TELL people we are sisters once in a while. My "real" sister gets jealous but ah well, she should be nicer.

    I'm glad you have a Jennifer! :-D