Friday, September 24, 2010

Well, I don't know

I have been moving a lot more and eating a lot less the 2 days.  I got on the scale and it said 272, so, so far so good.  Last night I made a white chicken chili.  There isn't much to it but beans, chicken, green chilies, and spices.  It was so yummy and really low in fat.  I have been trying to keep my calories at about 1800 and eating less sweets.  Speaking of sweets, they make these little ice cream drumstick things, they are mini ones and one has only about 100 calories.  How cool is that?  I believe that cutting out all the yummy stuff isn't a good idea.  If you don't reward yourself for your hard work, then you are more likely to revert back to old ways.  The key I think is to not over do it.  Just because the serving size says 100 calories, that does not mean you can eat 3 or 4 of them.  And did you know that you can make a thing of jiffy pop popcorn, eat like 1/3 of the whole thing and it is only like 120 calories.  I made some popcorn yesterday for an afternoon snack and only had a handful.  I am not sure about the calories on a handful though, but I know it is less then the 120 serving size.  Popcorn is a good snack unless it is drenched in butter.

Well, I had better get moving!!


  1. I have stopped buying ice cream treats because hubby will eat them all before I can get to them, but the popcorn is still safe. Kettle corn is even yummier to me and less calories. You can get 100 calorie microwavable packs from Orville Redenbacher.

    My favorite snack nowadays is 1/3 cup of walnuts with a banana. It's like banana bread without the bread. So yummy.

  2. Can there be a different type of reward? instead of a food reward?