Thursday, September 30, 2010

Personal Landmines

I almost didn't get up and go walk yesterday!!  I didn't sleep much the night before and I was really tired, so I had planned on skipping my walk and doing my crunches.  I ended up talking myself into though and I got my 2 littlest ones ready and we went for a walk.  Anthony is my 3 year old and the last few times we have went out to walk, I noticed that he was getting kind of bored walking the same route everyday for over a week.  So I decided to let him led me.  OMG...He had me everywhere!!!  I might let him lead more often.

But that brings me to the subject of personal landmines.  These are those things that people do to ultimately self sabotage their own efforts because lets face it, it is easier to fail then to do all the hard work needed to do.  Like me yesterday, I was tired, so I tried to talk myself into not going for my walk, thus trying to lay down a landmine for myself.  We know ourselves better than anyone else so we know exactly what it takes to throw ourselves under the bus.  I have started telling myself that I can't listen to all these train derailing efforts of mine.  Whatever I have been telling myself for the last 10 years isn't working.  I have my plans and I have to stick with them no matter how much I keep trying to talk myself out of doing things. 

My body doesn't hurt as bad for the first time in over a week.  I was beginning to wonder if I was just going to always  I was getting use to it though.

My husband!! I have decided I am just going to carry on with what I am doing.  If he doesn't like it, oh well, this isn't about him.  I think eventually he will come around though.  I don't know that he will ever be as supportive as I might need him to be, but that is okay.  I am just going to have to grow some will power for those days when he decides he has to go to Mcdonalds.  Speaking of, have you ever noticed how Mcd's can seem to take a wonderfully healthy food and mess it up by turning it into some heart clogging bomb, like a salad.  I haven't had food from there in so long, I have forgotten when.  My husband on the other hand has probably been there this morning.

I got enough sleep last night and I am ready to start my day!!!  I have a lot of energy today.  Oh yeah, my house progress.  I have put back to order 4 out of 7 rooms.  I am cleaning all these rooms again today and I think I am going to do the rest of the rooms.  They are all easy to get done, so it shouldn't take that long.  Then I am going to get start on all those little things that I discussed a few days ago, cleaning the floorboards, cleaning the walls, the light switches. Whatever I have to do to keep moving!!!

I hope everyone has a great day today!!


  1. I think a lot of my exercise today is going to be hauling boxes down to the basement for storage. This may not be a popular choice once Hubby returns home, but I cannot have them sitting in my living space any longer. It's been weeks since he cleaned them out of storage and stuck them into my "one clean room" which was my sanctuary. Kiddo and I like to sit in there and read. She wants to have a friend over tomorrow night as well, and they will sleep together on the pull-out bed if there is space to convert it so here I go! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love your attitude! I am guilty of personal landmines. I often buy food that I shouldn't. I'll make an excuse that I will eat the food in small portions and it won't be that bad. I should instead just not buy it and opt for something healthier.

    Way to keep moving! Even when you didn't feel like it, you pulled yourself up and got on it with it. Plus all the calories you are burning from the cleaning adds up. That's inspiring.

  3. Great job on turning down the "committee" and going for that walk! And also on your decision to march forward regardless of husband's decisions!