Monday, September 27, 2010

My Sunday

I ended up not just spending the day relaxing.  I went and worked in the yard for a little over an hour, bringing up the old, dead sod.  It involves a lot of moving and throwing around the garden hoe.  Then, after dinner we went for a very long family walk.  I counted my calories for the day and I was below my 1800 mark, so we went and got ice cream from Dairy Queen.  Normally I would have got a large chocolate something Blizzard, but I got a small cone instead, which is 330 calories. That is little bit more then a snack or dessert should be when you are trying to lose weight, but I feel that you need to treat yourself for a job well done every now and then.

I haven't been on the scale for a few days, I am going to guess that despite all my hard work, that I have gained a few pounds.   That is what always happens when I first start trying to lose weight.  My sister, the RN, explained to me why this happens.  Apparently it is like a metabolic reaction to having less calories and burning more, so in the beginning, the metabolism is trying to compensate for lost calories.  Now that I know this, I am not going to let it discourage me like I always do and I am going to work through it.  I will step on the scale later today and post my weight on the next posting.  I am hoping my hard work shows, but I will prepare for the worst!!

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  1. Have you read the "Eat This, Not That" books? Dairy Queen is the absolute worst place you can go out to eat, even for a snack, according to those books. There is trans fat in EVERYTHING there. That's the fat that sticks in your arteries forever clogging them up. If you want ice cream, I recommend having something good and all-natural. Treating yourself is okay, but treat yourself well when doing so. Like my pun? It's good that you're treating yourself better than before, but please consider finding another source than DQ. I know it's hard to resist because it's yummy and convenient . . . you can do it!