Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have I been living in the dark?

I don't plan on posting twice everyday, but I have some thoughts that I have been running through my head today.  I went for my walk, did my crunches, did my push ups, lifted my little weights, ate my multigrain Cheerios with my 2 youngest, and then started to clean the kitchen.  I normally clean the kitchen in the mornings.  I don't know why I have always done it that way, it just works for me.  I got done cleaning the kitchen, got the baby out of her highchair and started in on the laundry and then started cleaning the living room.  While I was cleaning the living room, I had an epiphany of sorts.  My house is always messy.  Yes, I know that with 4 children, 2 parents and a grandparent, that the house is going to always looked lived in.  What I mean is there are these little things that never get done.  I asked myself why?  I am a stay at home mom so I should have the time to do it so I know that it boils down to time and laziness.  I didn't get to be overweight because I was moving around all the time.  I got overweight because I kept ignoring the things that needed to be done like cleaning the dirty door and vacuuming the dusty corners and dusting.  There is always something to be done and yet, I sat there and sat there.

People as a whole use to be thinner.  I know there are a billions reasons why people are getting bigger like pure laziness and overeating and artificial ingredients in our food, the list goes on.  No one has any "time" to get things done, but it seems that everyone has the time to sit and sit and sit.  People use to be thinner because when they cleaned the house, they paid attention to details like dust on the floorboards and fingerprints on the windows.  They made dinners from scratch not a box or an envelope. There was sewing that needed to be done, clothes to wash by hand, dishes to wash by hand.  I don't know for sure, but I think that maybe 50 years ago, people cared more about how things looked and took pride in a job well done.  I am not saying that people don't care anymore or that pride isn't an important thing, but that maybe it isn't as important as it use to be, and that maybe we as a society don't have as much pride as we use to.

There gyms all over the place these days and somebody is making big money from these.  I don't think that 50 years ago, you would have been able to find as many gyms as there are now.  Isn't that kind of ironic?  We probably have more gyms right now then in any other time in our country's history and we also have more morbidly overweight people then any other time in our country's history.  I had a gym membership in the past.  I paid over $300 for a year membership and went once.  I wonder how many people do that?

So what I am rambling on about is that before over-priced gyms and plenty of extra time to sit, people were thin.  We don't NEED a gym to get healthy.  We need to move!!  Well, that and eating right helps too, but our bodies are made to move and to move a lot.  Our bodies are so perfect, if we keep moving.  If our bodies are designed to move, we should all be moving.  And when I think about this, it reminds of the humans in that movie, "Wall-e."  They all sat in chairs and did nothing for themselves but sit and were big and didn't move.  I don't want to be like that.  I don't want my children to be like that.  I don't want all of us to be like that.


  1. Wall-E was a scary movie that way, wasn't it? I saw myself in those scenes.

    You're probably right about the cleaning thing and moving more. Yardwork, too. My house is a mess. I get so overwhelmed by it and give up - kinda like I did my body, I guess. I'm almost afraid to add any more new habits about cleaning for fear they will interfere with my health habits, but maybe you're right and it's all connected.

    Have you ever done FLYlady.net? I've considered starting up again. It's been a long while since I tried. *sigh* I like lazy! It could cut into my blog-reading time!

  2. I am always behind on things in the house!

  3. Its like you were reading my mind when you posted this. I am so guilty of getting behind and I only have 2 kids. I agree with everything 100%.

  4. there was a study, somewhere, about women in the 1950's weighing much less on average. one point was that normally there was only 1 car per household, women walked their children to school - walked to grocery shop, etc.

    I love the show hoarders. it makes me want to throw things away after I watch it. I used to wonder, if my house is spotless what will I do with the rest of the day? Oh god, I would have to focus on myself. I think that keeping that mess around gives you something else to focus on... I know it's possible to clean it all. My b/f can clean the entire basement, laundry folded and put away, etc in 1 hour where me it would take ALL afternoon - i would take breaks, etc.

    Have you ever noticed on hoarders that 90% of the people are overweight?

  5. Hi! I stumbled on your blog from reading some of the other blogs. I'm new to blogging and I just thought I had to comment.

    I read this post last night and it's been "haunting" my thoughts since I read it last night and this morning. It's so true. I have what I like to call a "lived in" look to my house. We've got "hot spots" everywhere and I just look at them occasionally while I just sit and sit reading blogs, watching Hulu, or checking my email. I claim that they overwhelm me but I am pretty good at navigating my dinner plate at Thanksgiving so I am sure I can use the same divide and conquer technique in my household. Thanks for the enlightening post and reminding us about our past. In weight loss, we always hear about women putting themselves last and not taking care of themselves but it's only in this generation that is the truth. In the 50's the women did take care of themselves and their children, husbands, and households...Hmm...